If your older system is in good working order, it may not pay to replace it. Sometimes however, it makes good economic and ecologic sense to replace a working system. New oil heat technology is much cleaner, more powerful, compact and efficient than units 15 years old or older. New systems often operate as much as 25% more efficiently than older units that are still in good working order. If your older unit is only just hanging in there, your fuel oil savings could reach as much as 40% by replacing the unit.

In addition, if you wait until your system gives out for good, it might cost you more, and not just in dollars and cents. You’ll have to deal with the inconvenience, and possibly a cold home. If your system breaks down during a cold snap, you might have to pay thousands to repair frozen pipes and other related damage. And in getting your heat on immediately, you may not have the time to consider as many options.