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What type of improvements can we expect to see in oil heating equipment in the future?

Most of the technology being worked on focuses on burner controls, such as the Flame Quality Indicator. This electronic device monitors the flame and detects any changes. Through a modem, the signal can directly alert the oil company that provides service if there is a problem. This technology will also lead to lower costs for [...]

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Do you service air conditioning units?

Yes. Damascus Fuel will give your air conditioning system an annual tune-up. Our highly trained technicians can help catch service problems before they cause a disruption in your comfort. Tune-ups can also lower your electric bills by ensuring peak efficiency. Please note however, we do not service heat pumps.

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Why should I leave my oil tank full through the summer?

When you leave an oil tank only partly full over the summer, you’re also leaving a pocket of air inside where water can condense. Moisture is all it takes for bacteria to build up and grow. After the bacteria dies, it falls to the bottom of your tank and helps create sludge – a leading [...]

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I’m considering converting to natural gas heat. What are the advantages of sticking with fuel oil?

There are five great reasons to stick with oil. First it’s clean burning. If you’ve ever heard “Oil heat is bad for the environment,” think again. Advances in technology have made today’s home heating systems extremely clean burning. For example, a recent study proves that oil burners produce 123 times fewer hydrocarbons (particles of unburned [...]

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